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Forest Stewardship Coached Planning: A class for people with wooded property
If you haven't taken this course to learn about managing your forest, then you should!  It includes:
  • Eight class sessions taught by the state's recognized experts
  • A Saturday field trip
  • A large notebook of reference materials and how-to guides
  • A consultation site visit to your property from a professional forester
For further details and registration information, choose one of the upcoming sessions:
        Preston - Tuesdays starting September 22
        Whidbey Island - Thursdays starting October 8
Look on the WSU Extension site for details and future courses.
Forest Owners Field Days
  August 15, Western Washington, Pacific County (Frances) Details
      August 29, Conway Field Day (Skagit County) Details.
     September 26, San Juan (Eastsound) Field Day  Details

Don't miss attending one of these great events when they are near you.  Classes are offered on many topics of interest to small forest land owners!

Ties to the Land
Your land will outlive you.  Who will care for it when you are gone?  Will it be a family legacy or a family squabble?  Will it be kept intact and protected, or will it be divided upand sold off in pices?  Will it become a source of conflict between surviving family members?  What is the long-term future that you want for your property? 

This succession planning workshop explores these questions and others.

No sessions are scheduled at this time.

WSU Extension
The WSU Forestry and Wildlife Extension program provides education and information about forest management to private forest landowners as well as the general public.  Click here for the most up to date information on programs they are offering.   

Forest Stewardship University
If you prefer to educate yourself about forestry in a less structured setting, check out the new online lessons in the Forest Stewardship University. Twenty-four online learning modules are now available and more will be added.  They are available for $5 - $9 each (or less when purchased as packages of related lessons) and can be accessed for 1 year after purchase.  

Washington Farm Forestry Association
WFFA and its 16 affiliated chapters sponsor many events of interest to Tree Farmers throughout the year.  Tree Farm tours are especially popular during the summer.  Visit their Chapters page to see detailed meeting announcements in your local area, or view the state-wide list for a summary.  All events are open to non-members, but there are many advantages to joining WFFA.  Currently there is a New Member Rate of $45 for the first year, a considerable savings over the usual acreage based rates ranging from $65 to $175.  Join Now!

 Western Forestry and Conservation Association sponsors many continuing education workshops and seminars for professional foresters. Some may also be of interest to tree farmers.  

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