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To become a member of the Tree Farm System, you must own 10 or more acres of forest land and manage it in a manner that meets the American Forest Foundation’s Standards of Sustainability for Forest Certification. Because Washington’s Forest Practice regulations are stringent, you will normally meet the Standards if you are following state regulations. Sound sustainable forest management begins with knowing what you have on your forest land, determining your objectives, then documenting this in your management plan.

You also must have a written forest management plan before your property can be certified. If you do not currently have a written plan, there are several ways you can obtain one.

If you are interested in being certified, please print the form below, complete and mail it to:

Washington Tree Farm Program

P.O. Box 1814

Oympia, WA 98507

Phone: (360) 602-1603

Name ____________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip ________________________________________________________

Home Phone______________________ Work Phone______________________________

E-mail __________________________________________________________________

I own ____ acres in _______________________________County.

I Have ______ Do Not Have ______ a written management plan

Updated: January 9, 2012
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