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Tree Farm certification is the certification system of choice for small forest owners including family- and community-owned forests.

Tree Farm certification is a voluntary commitment made by a landowner that ensures that the timber harvested on their property come from sustainably managed forests. Certification is increasingly more important to today’s business owners and industry leaders.  Consumers pay a premium for organic certified fruits and vegetables, salmon safe wine, and we believe that the construction industry and companies that sell sustainable wood products are increasingly doing the same. More recently, products, including forest products, that are produced with sustainable practices are worth more to Northwest consumers.

Step 1
Do you own between 10 and 10,000 acres of forest. As an owner that cares about your woods and manage for the long term health of your land, certification might be for you.

Step 2
Contact the Washington Tree Farm Program to request more information to see if you meet the American Tree Farm System eligibility criteria. (See the Standard here)

If you don’t know if you meet the standards, we would be happy to evaluate your forest and assist you in preparing for certification.

Step 3
Request a property inspection with one of our Tree Farm System trained inspecting foresters. Our Tree Farm System trained inspecting foresters can guide you through the certification needs for your forests.

Step 4
Tree Farm inspector will visit your property and verify that your land management activities meet the Tree Farm Standards of Sustainability.

Step 5
Once approved for certification, you and your family can post your Tree Farm sign with pride! Your commitment to sustainable stewardship will not go unnoticed. We will keep you up to date with all the latest best practices and any future changes to the Standards.

If you’d like more information or to get the process started please submit this form and someone will contact you:

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